Dr. Aklilu Habte received an award at the 9th Annual Victory of the Battle of Adwa Commemoration Dinner, held in Washington DC. The Crown Council of Ethiopia honored individuals who have contributed significantly to the promotion, development, and expansion of Ethiopian arts, literature, history, politics, education, and social justice.

29 Feb 2020

9th Annual Victory of the Battle of Adwa Commemoration Dinner
Dr. Aklilu Habte Honored by the Crown Council of Ethiopia

28 Jun 2019


Sapphire Addis Hotel

Namibia Avenue, Bole Sub City, Wereda 03

Atlas area to Bole Medhan​ialem Road toward Urael Road next to building

(in front of Tomocca Coffee Shop).

14 Jan 2019


Ethiopia Book Release Event 
History of the Haile Selassie I University: Establishment and Expansion of Higher Education in Ethiopia (in Amharic) 

A public lecture for the university community by prominent scholar and former president of AAU and Dean of the then Faculty of Education, Dr. Aklilu Habte, held at Eshetu Chole Hall, College of Business and Economics, Addis Ababa University.


Public Lecture by Dr. Aklilu Habte in Addis Ababa
The Ethiopian Education System: Past, Present, and Future 

28 Dec 2018

10 am

Jupiter Biranna Book Club Event 
Intergenerational Dialogue - የትውልዶች ወግ

22 Dec 2018

An intergenerational dialogue between Jupiter Biranna Book Club members and Dr. Aklilu Habte, held at Jupiter International Hotel in Addis Ababa.

07 Jul 2018

30 Jun 2018

Meaza Birru interviewed Dr. Aklilu Habte in Bethesda, Maryland in June 2018. Sheger radio aired the interview on June 30, July 7 and July 14, 2018.

14 Jul 2018

Dr. Aklilu Habte Interviewed by 
Meaza Birru on Sheger Radio  

23 Jun 2018

5-8 pm

23 Jun 2018

Book Presentation and Discussion in Evanston, IL
History of the Haile Selassie I University: Establishment and Expansion of Higher Education in Ethiopia (in Amharic)

Book talk at Northwestern University featuring author Dr. Aklilu Habte on the subject of his new Amharic book. Book will be available for purchase and book signing will follow.

Book Presentation and Discussion 
History of the Haile Selassie I University: Establishment
and Expansion of Higher Education in Ethiopia (in Amharic)

03 Dec 2017

Book talk at Columbia University, announced in November 10 issue of Tadias Magazine, on the subject of this new Amharic book. Featuring author Dr. Aklilu Habte and keynote speakers Prof. Getatchew Haile and Kibur-Ato Tekaligne Gedamu. Book signing to follow.

22 Oct 2017

Voice of America Radio Interview 
Addisu Abebe and Alula Kebede interview Dr. Aklilu Habte  on News From the Eureka - News from Ethiopia, a program of Voice of America Radio. Thank you to Voice of America for allowing us to use their audio of the interview on this site. 

15 Oct 2017

2-6 pm

USA Book Release (See video live-streamed on day of event)
History of the Haile Selassie I University: Establishment and Expansion of Higher Education in Ethiopia (in Amharic) 


Thurgood Marshall Center

1816 12th St, NW

Washington, DC 20009

23 Jul 2017

Ethiopia Limited Book Release (Watch the interview.)
125th Birthday Anniversary of Emperor Haile Selassie

Video of a new interview of Dr. Habte was screened for the first time at the Wabi Shebelle Hotel in Addis Ababa during an event celebrating the 125th birthday anniversary of Emperor Haile Selassie. |
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